Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No matter which winter holiday you celebrate, the Writes blog wishes you joyful times with family and friends, now and into the New Year!

The #nerdlution movement continues with small and large successes alike. More to come...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Well, I dropped the ball on my Wednesday #nerdlution check-in post, and I admit it's getting more difficult to keep up with my daily commitments.  I'm finding that my conversion rate is about 50%, meaning I either complete half the tasks or I complete them all, but have to cut the time or give less effort.  Surprisingly, this still makes me feel good.  Maybe it's because I've recently embraced the idea that goals can be reached in many ways.  Sometimes in one fell swoop, sometimes with one small step and then another.  Sometimes with fierce and focused dedication, sometimes with spontaneous choices and flexibility.  Because even while the goal holds constant, our lives go on.  And adjustments need to be made in the moment.  Hmm?  Maybe I'm learning more than I thought from this nerdlution movement.  Love that.

And in other news:

inward, set of two, 24x24 each,
acrylic on canvas
I'm extremely grateful to home-ology, the eco-minded home interiors boutique, for partnering with me on a Welcoming 2014 Art Sale.  And they've just done a write-up on the event in their newsletter. Thanks home-ology, and thank you for including the kind words about wildflowers, my YA ecotopian mystery.  Here's the newsletter link for any Writes Reader who'd like more information:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

welcoming 2014 art sale

phoenix cityscape, 30x36, mixed media
happening now at home-ology eco-friendly boutique:

all r mccormack 

original art pieces

40% off

Besides spending most work days revising my next Indie novel, roll, and fine-tuning another novel for agent submission, I've been taking time out to work in the gongoozler art studio.  And since new works are developing fast and I want to make some space for them, I've partnered with home-ology for a Welcoming 2014 Sale, where all existing r mccormack paintings are reduced by 40%.

Home-ology is an independently-owned home interiors shop selling eco-minded products, including home decor, gifts, and furniture.  They also support local artists like me.  Thanks home-ology!

The sale will run from Dec 15 to Jan 15 and you can view the pieces by either stopping by the shop or my blog or website.  If you're looking to spruce up the pad for the holiday season or new year, I hope you'll consider one of these works, which are mixed media on canvas. Gongoozler art is an eco-minded studio and my pieces are created with upcycled art and tissue paper, fabric, and tapes to build texture, and acrylics, pastels, and art pens provide more color and accents.

If you like a piece, but aren't in Arizona, no matter!  I'm happy to answer any questions via email (rhonda (at) gongoozlerart dot com) or the blog comment section and home-ology ships just about anywhere for a fee.  Here are a few of the pieces on sale now:

wildflower, 20x20, mixed media
phoenix cityscape 2, 24x36, mixed media
uneven, 24x24, mixed media
the tractor, 36x36, mixed media
sequence, 48x60, acrylic

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

nerdlution check in

So this is my first nerdlution check in and I'm happy to report that my first week of implementing change (see list below) went pretty well.  It allowed me to mix things up and think outside my box.  I found it most difficult to keep up with 3 and 7 while the easiest were 1 and 2.  I most enjoyed finding new ways to complete 4, 5, and 6, and because the goal is to accomplish these things daily, I found lots of overlap between these three.  Somedays I fell short on completing them all and I surprised myself at how easily I let it go.  The most important thing I've re-learned is that even small efforts make a big difference.  And I have to comment on the #nerdlution Twitterverse community...a constant source of inspiration.  I wish all the participants the highest good as they move along the trail!

If you want to get in on the action, click here to see where it all started.

get out in nature
read for one hour
spend one hour in art studio
give something away
do one scary thing that moves me toward my writing dream
move - mind, body, or spirit
focus wholly & completely on whatever project is in front of me

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

joining the #nerdlution revolution

As a Nerdy Book Club member, I'm often inspired by blog posts or tweets put out by the members or facilitators.  I laugh, I learn, I add books to my To Read list.  But the truth is I can't keep up with all the wonderful posts and twitter comments daily, so I try once a week to go through and read several at a time.  And today I finally got to Colby Sharp's post from December 2.  A rapid linkage began.  

Here's the path I followed...

First stop:
A Call For #Nerdlution Pictures post by Colby Sharp

Detoured to:
#Nerdlution and So Can You post by Christopher Lehman

Then on to Twitter:
#nerdlution thread

And then back to Colby Sharp's blog for: 
#NerdLution Round 1

So, what can I say?  I'm in.  Why?  Because it came to me when I needed it and I believe resolutions work when one has support. And just look at the #nerdlution community!  Already cheerleading those who've committed to making change. And what is the commitment?  Whatever makes you happy, and the commitment lasts from the day a person joins until January 20, 2014, so the new good habits become embedded and part of one's natural process. Love that.  Below are the things I commit to doing daily for, in my case, 48 days.  I'll also keep a log and every Wednesday I'll post the results of my week, here and on the #nerdlution Twitter tag.

If you join in, let me know so I can cheer you on.  Best wishes to all #nerdlution participants!

rmackwrites' daily #nerdlutions
get out in nature
read for one hour
spend one hour in art studio
give something away
do one scary thing that moves me toward my writing dream
move - mind, body, or spirit
focus wholly & completely on whatever project is in front of me

Monday, December 2, 2013

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

Paulo Coelho 
The Alchemist