Wednesday, December 4, 2013

joining the #nerdlution revolution

As a Nerdy Book Club member, I'm often inspired by blog posts or tweets put out by the members or facilitators.  I laugh, I learn, I add books to my To Read list.  But the truth is I can't keep up with all the wonderful posts and twitter comments daily, so I try once a week to go through and read several at a time.  And today I finally got to Colby Sharp's post from December 2.  A rapid linkage began.  

Here's the path I followed...

First stop:
A Call For #Nerdlution Pictures post by Colby Sharp

Detoured to:
#Nerdlution and So Can You post by Christopher Lehman

Then on to Twitter:
#nerdlution thread

And then back to Colby Sharp's blog for: 
#NerdLution Round 1

So, what can I say?  I'm in.  Why?  Because it came to me when I needed it and I believe resolutions work when one has support. And just look at the #nerdlution community!  Already cheerleading those who've committed to making change. And what is the commitment?  Whatever makes you happy, and the commitment lasts from the day a person joins until January 20, 2014, so the new good habits become embedded and part of one's natural process. Love that.  Below are the things I commit to doing daily for, in my case, 48 days.  I'll also keep a log and every Wednesday I'll post the results of my week, here and on the #nerdlution Twitter tag.

If you join in, let me know so I can cheer you on.  Best wishes to all #nerdlution participants!

rmackwrites' daily #nerdlutions
get out in nature
read for one hour
spend one hour in art studio
give something away
do one scary thing that moves me toward my writing dream
move - mind, body, or spirit
focus wholly & completely on whatever project is in front of me

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