Monday, October 20, 2014

Things change.  They ebb, flow, grow, shrink.  They shift.  With every step, with every breath, things take on a new shape, and if we're paying attention, we can get caught up in the shape-shifting and feel everything as new.  Different.  Fresh.  Somehow this is where I found myself this summer, observing subtle moments when I could feel my world revolving.  Evolving. So, I grabbed hold and unfolded into the shifts and today I find myself saying a good-bye to r mccormack writes.

Wait.  What do I mean by all this?

Well, I mean that the time has come to let go of older concepts as my heart pulls me toward new ones.  It means my small home studio, overflowing with writing and art projects, had to be organized and everything that exists as an extension of my workshop needs revamping too.  So I'm simplifying.  Consolidating.  And this means my art site, gongoozler art, and r mccormack writes blog will combine as one site called storm row studio.

Though a work in progress, storm row studio is up and running, both as a new business and in the online realm.  I hope you'll visit the blog soon, check out my new digs, see what's grown out of my time as the artist and writer behind gongoozler art and r mccormack writes.  These two places are the now and forever foundation that will support me as I move onward...and hopefully upward.  I'm grateful to all of you who visited the website and blog, who offered encouragement and participation. In the near future, both will be taken off-line, but for now, they stand as is, guardians over all the changing, ebbing, flowing, growing, shrinking, shifting newness.