fRead project

the fRead project

what is it?

fRead (frēd) is part of the random acts of (book) kindness efforts of Row Press, where free Reads are gifted to readers in organized giveaways, sporadic book drops, and donations to book clubs, literacy groups, librarians, and teachers.

the fRead project shares Row Press titles and books by other authors.  all fRead gifts are made in an effort to share children's and young adult literature with readers, and though Row Press enjoys giving to all book lovers, the aim is to share as many books as possible with children, teens, and young adults.

Row Press is also dedicated to spontaneous donations of book proceeds to causes that share the same message as our titles.  though not technically considered a fRead, monetary donations are part of this project. 

want to be fRead?

just keep your eyes and ears open.  giveaways are announced on the writes blog or Twitter. fRead events will most often happen through Goodreads and Kindle. fRead donations happen randomly, but Row Press is always open to hearing from interested book club members and educators.  fRead book drops are also random and could happen anywhere in world.  a park bench, the mall, a hiking trail, an airport.

what do you do with a fRead? 

read it.  and then share it.  or donate it.  or re-fRead it with a random drop of your own. whatever the case...  

Happy fReading!