Sunday, January 20, 2013

goodreads giveaway - starts jan 20

Enter to Win

one of five 

signed copies of 


along with a

Gift Pack

Beginning today, January 20, I'll be hosting a Goodreads giveaway!
You can enter by using the link in the left sidebar or click here.
Along with a signed copy of the book,
 each winner will receive a wildflower-themed gift pack, which includes: 
a travel-sized moleskin journal and 
an original, handcrafted bookmark and painting.
Giveaway sign-ups will be held through February 20th, when 
Goodreads will randomly draw the winners.

As with all artisan-made pieces in a series, the bookmarks and paintings are unique in appearance, though of the same subject matter.  Here's a bit more about the winners' wares:

Moleskin journal - travel-sized at 5.5 x 3.5, these come in green or orange.  Journals tie in to a clue from the novel.  Do you know which clue?

Bookmarks - made from felt and vintage fabric and buttons, these page-holders measure six inches.  Perfect for large or small books.  How do they read books in a wildflower's future?

Painting - these 6x6 mixed media ready to hang pieces also tie in to the book.  Do you know how?  Perfect for a bulletin board or locker.

Good Luck to All Who Enter

Thursday, January 3, 2013

happy new year

row press 
wishes you a 
joyful, healthy, 
and prosperous 

more wildflowers 
coming soon.
happy, happy.