Saturday, December 21, 2013

Well, I dropped the ball on my Wednesday #nerdlution check-in post, and I admit it's getting more difficult to keep up with my daily commitments.  I'm finding that my conversion rate is about 50%, meaning I either complete half the tasks or I complete them all, but have to cut the time or give less effort.  Surprisingly, this still makes me feel good.  Maybe it's because I've recently embraced the idea that goals can be reached in many ways.  Sometimes in one fell swoop, sometimes with one small step and then another.  Sometimes with fierce and focused dedication, sometimes with spontaneous choices and flexibility.  Because even while the goal holds constant, our lives go on.  And adjustments need to be made in the moment.  Hmm?  Maybe I'm learning more than I thought from this nerdlution movement.  Love that.

And in other news:

inward, set of two, 24x24 each,
acrylic on canvas
I'm extremely grateful to home-ology, the eco-minded home interiors boutique, for partnering with me on a Welcoming 2014 Art Sale.  And they've just done a write-up on the event in their newsletter. Thanks home-ology, and thank you for including the kind words about wildflowers, my YA ecotopian mystery.  Here's the newsletter link for any Writes Reader who'd like more information:


  1. I love the Nerdlution idea! Personally I have so many things going on that committing to one more sounds crazy to me. But it's a great concept - and, if you're not able to complete ALL of your goals, at least you are moving forward!

  2. I'm all about adjustments and I figure, the heart is where the change takes place. It's good to see you in the mix, when you can.

  3. Life is full of adjustments, so why not in your daily tasks. The main thing is that you are still committed to the #nerdlution concept. And as you stated you are learning as you go along.
    Love Home-ology's newsletter and how nice of them to mention Wildflowers and to include the Amazon link. I'd say the year is ending on a good note for you.

  4. Heidi, Thanks for the support! The interesting thing is that I picked my nerdlutions quickly, from the gut, which is usually where things that matter come from, and not only did it make the commitment easier up front, but it showed me where I had energy leaks. Where things that were important to me were getting trumped by things that didn't. Happy 2014 to you! I wish you a slow down where it matters.

  5. Dogtrax/Kevin, I'm getting better at making adjustments and I appreciate hearing your take on change. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your words of support!

  6. Shirley, Yes, isn't Home-ology great?! Thank you for the encouragement.