Sunday, April 7, 2013

community blog share

Welcome Indie bookstore, Local First/Shop Small, and enviro-minded business owners, as well as readers.

If you've come to share a little about your business or a business you know, please post a comment with the store or business name and a brief description of the service(s) or product(s) provided.  Please also include your city and state, along with any web information that will help us find you online.  This post will run in the top spot through Tuesday April 9.  Readers, check back often to get to know these community-enhancing people and places.

When I embarked into the world of Indie publishing, I began to see the interconnectivity between artisans and their communities.  I'd long supported small, local businesses and as more eco-friendly companies developed, it was easy to give them my loyalty (and dollars).  What these businesses do for our local communities often affects the global community.  This theme actually worked its way in to wildflowers, and in the book the main characters, Keifer and Abi, are linked to two separate communities.  Their old home in Arizona, and their new home, a boarding school in Helena, Montana.  As I wrote the novel, it became important to offer subtle hints to the way ideas change, and also to show which ideas stick.  In the book and in reality, community always sticks.  

Think of the business around the corner who goes 100% solar or the Indie bookstore who exposes you to local talent (writers, artists, teachers) or the boutiques and family-owned restaurant who offer unique wares and support local farmers.  These places are the ones that make our cities and towns interesting, cultural, and the bonus is that they care about people just as much (or more) as the bottom line.

Thank you for stopping by the Writes blog today...and all days.  I hope you'll find a local and/or enviro-minded business to support.  If you're looking for an Indie bookstore, check out the list in the left column.  I'm always adding to it...the ones you see have a connection to me or the book...and I hope to meet new Indie bookstore owners through this blog sharing project.


  1. I can't resist adding a few businesses, so here we go:

    Homeology: green home interiors shop; Scottsdale, AZ;

    Practical Art: local artisans wares; Phoenix, AZ;

    KatybugFaye: fashion boutique; two AZ locations;

    Noble Beast: natural pet food market; Phx, AZ;

  2. I too would like to add a couple of businesses of my own:

    JAM: local artist wares and Urban Kitchen food items; Scottsdale, AZ;

    Grassroots Kitchen & Tap: Local neighborhood restaurant using as many locally grown products from farmers and local vendors as possible. Scottsdale, AZ

  3. Thank you, Shirley, for coming by and sharing the information about JAM and Grassroots restaurant. Both sound like great editions to the their neighborhoods!