Saturday, April 6, 2013

all things good and green

all things good and green

What do you know about about the air quality inside your home?  
Did you know furnishings, carpets, and cleaning products can 
pollute your air with chemicals and off-gasing?  
Did you know that opening a few windows can make a difference 
in keeping the air you breathe pure and clean?

If you want to make a bigger impact, get a houseplant!  There are many good resources for the kinds of houseplants that do the best at clearing the air, but I like NASA's list.  I also love this TEDTalk (see below) on the subject.  So, when you're buying your other outdoor plants and flowers for spring gardening, grab a few plants for the house.  Place them in bedrooms, near computer equipment, and in high-traffic living areas to make the most of their amazing abilities to support human health.

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