Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Green List Wednesday - A Twist

Green List Wednesday...with a twist

Usually on a Green List Wednesday, I'd be giving you a list of environmentally friendly products, places, or ideas, but today I give you a list of people.  The people in the list below are those who do their part to nurture our communities through their products or acts of service and participation.  Yesterday, I put out a call for these people to come visit the blog on designated days in order to share their ideas and visions for the future.  That information follows the list.  For now, let's celebrate some of the most important contributors to the Community Garden:

Educators/Teachers - who mentor and guide our most important resource, kids

Librarians - sharing ideas, characters, and worlds that grow the mind

Students - our valuable seeds, who keep pushing until they sprout

Independent Bookstores - providing rich soil for readers and authors alike

Local First/Shop Small Businesses - creative growers providing communities a unique bounty

Enviro-minded Businesses - fertilizing for future growth and development

So, if you recognize yourself on the list, or know someone who fits the descriptors, check out the offers below...  

For businesses and bookstores: 
On Sunday April 7, businesses and Indie bookstores are invited to visit the blog and post a comment telling us about their business. With a brief description of the business, city and state, and web information, all blog traffic will learn what you do and where to find you.  This is the fRead Project's effort to thank the business owners for their dedication to their local communities, as well as the global community.

For educators, librarians, and high school students:
On Sunday April 14, the blog invites educators, librarians, and high school students to share their environmental curriculums, book recommendations, and Earth Day doings.  This event will run for the full week leading up to Earth Day (April 14-20), and in exchange for their participation, they'll be entered into daily drawings to win a books, music samplers, and other goodies.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in the events listed above, feel free to share as a tweet or post on Facebook.  Thank you for all your help to spread the word.  This promotion is hosted by The fRead Project and wildflowers, a young adult novel and ecotopian mystery.


  1. What a great idea Rhonda. So often these people do not get recognized for the part they play in their communities. I am looking forward to hearing their comments on our future and what part they are playing in keeping it green. I will be happy to share your blog.

  2. You're support is so appreciated. Thanks for being a dedicated visitor to the blog