Tuesday, April 9, 2013

all things good and green

all things good and green

oily - adj  
1. of, like, consisting of, or containing oil  
2.  smooth; slippery; unctuous

yep, that seems to describe StayGreen Oil, who operates a free online service, facilitating redistribution of different types of oil.  their role is to hook up buyers and sellers of both used cooking and used motor oil, and once that connection is made, the oils are repurposed for things like biodiesel fuel and soap (from cooking oil, not motor).  motor oil is a tricky thing, and recycling or disposing of it in responsible ways is vital to the environment.  looks like StayGreen is doing their part. 

earth day is fast approaching.  
hope you're finding ways to do your part, too.

ps: thanks to all who stopped by for the call for contributors. the initial posting didn't garner many comments, but it was better to try and fall short, than to not try at all.  And even as the Writes blog moves on to other topics, the conversation about supporting small, local, and/or enviro-minded businesses continues.  anyone is welcome, at anytime, to post a comment about your business or information for one you love.


  1. I picked up a green alternative to furniture polish while watching the American Restoration show. Mix three parts Olive Oil to one part lemon juice in a spray bottle. Shake and use. It restores the shine and texture of the wood without any harmful ingredients.

  2. That is a helpful tip, Shirley. Thanks for stopping by to share it.