Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Green List Wednesday - Cities

Green List Wednesday

In the not-so-far of future of wildflowers, the towns and cities across the nation have all converted to more environmentally-friendly practices.  EVs (electric vehicles) sit in every garage, solar and wind power dominate as energy sources, and lifestyle changes abound.  In the here and now, green cities are cropping up left and right, and though some have been doing what they do for decades, others are just getting started.  If you're wondering what makes one city greener than another, the simplicity of the criteria may surprise you, though towns and cities who attempt such things know simple doesn't always mean easy.  Any community attempting more ecologically-centered development would think about:

Current energy sources, developing energy sources, and consumption of energy

They'll also have to consider the green lifestyle, which includes:

Improving transportation, creating green jobs, building parks and bikeways, employing sustainable building practices, while also consider recycling programs and local food resources

Green cities are everywhere...Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Spain...but here are a few cool ones stateside: 

Oakland, CA - home to the cleanest tap water and oldest wildlife refuge

Chicago, IL - with a city greenbelt created in the early 1900s and a new green roof program

Cambridge, MA - created a city compost program and fuels most city vehicles with biodiesel or electricity

Portland, OR - oh my, where to begin, they do everything green

Greensburg, KS - in 2007 after a tornado devastated the town, they committed to rebuild 100% of their buildings meeting platinum certified LEED standards

And speaking of cities and the people who do their part, I'd like to thank Homeology, the home interiors boutique dedicated to a greener way of living, for joining the fRead Project in celebrating Earth Day with an art sale.  Currently, all the R McCormack originals are discounted 20-40%.  This includes the wildflowers and cityscapes pieces that were part of the November show.  If you'd like more information, contact me or the shop.  Thanks Homeology!


  1. Unfortunately it takes disasters to prompt cities to rebuild green. But for the future of these towns in the path of many storms it is the only way to go. Joplin, MO is another town that is also trying to rebuild green after the tornado of 2011. The Joplin School District has gone green and KODETV12 & KSNFTV16 has developed their "Going Green in the Four States" campaign & is working to heighten public environmental awareness. It's very expensive to rebuild green so it takes these smaller towns longer to get the job done, but I think it's wonderful that they are setting the example for other towns to follow.

  2. Shirley, Thank you for sharing all this information about Joplin! Wonderful news for a town hit so hard in '11. I'm going to check out this Going Green in the Four States campaign, too. Sounds interesting.