Tuesday, January 28, 2014

creating, nerd style

Pardon my absence from posting while I 
write, write, revise, and then write some more.

While I'm away, 
please use the icon in the left column if you:

Need more information or would like to enter the wildflowers goodreads giveaway. Five winners will receive a signed copy of novel and an eco-vintage bookmark and keepsake box.

Also use the left column icon if you:

Want to join in on the second round of #nerdlution. Nerdlution is a movement where a person makes a resolution (or two or three) and attempts to stick to it, nerd style, for fifty (50) days. I'm dedicating myself to daring, bold, and focused forward movement in my creative life. If you come on board, remember: inspiration, progress updates, and cheerleading are offered at the above hashtag and various blogs. Just follow the links on Twitter.

Go Nerdlutionists!


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