Tuesday, June 11, 2013

read, write, repeat

Interested in children's literature?
Looking for a summer project?
Do you need some inspiration?

Well, whether you're a beginning writer or illustrator or a veteran, why not consider stepping into a new experience or hunkering down for some good old-fashioned learning this summer?  

Maybe dedicating time to reading would free your blocks and open your mind.  Provide you with the feelings and direction you want for the book you plan write.  Reading good books written by good authors is one of the best ways to learn how to write.  To give you ideas for a summer reading list, here are a few randomly selected book lists featuring great children's literature titles:

And if you need help keeping on track with your reading, consider joining Goodreads, the online personal library where you can record your list, progress, and join book clubs.

Or, maybe it's time you looked into joining a group where you can get feedback on your writing or art.  Consider SCBWI, who has ongoing regional, national, and international events especially geared toward writers and artists who work (or want to work) in the kid lit world.  You could also check out your local library or Indie bookstore, who may run a critique or networking group.

Or, maybe what you need is time and space to write or create?  If you already have a space, but aren't getting much done, consider moving or taking your next, say, five writing or arting sessions and going outside or to another room or, maybe, to the park or out of town.  If you haven't set yourself up with space, even the smallest corner can become a sacred studio.  For ideas on how Creatives set up shop, here are some articles and photo inspiration:

Beyond making space, you must also make time, and besides reading, the only way to improve your writing or art is to write or create more.  Give yourself the gift of time by putting writing or creating on the calendar.  Then when the time comes, you can release guilt, knowing you've planned for this, and  without looking back, hang out that Do Not Disturb sign for thirty minutes, an hour, or an entire weekend afternoon and work.

Whatever steps you take this summer to bring you closer to your writing or art, I wish you well.  The world is made beautiful by those who create, and we're all grateful for your efforts, large or small.


  1. These are great tips, Rhonda! I especially like the links to looking at other people's workspaces - so inspiring.
    I'm looking forward to having a window of creative time this summer.

  2. Thank you, Heidi. I'm glad the tips interested you. I also love seeing how other Creatives set up their workspaces and studios, and I'm inspired to do some cleaning and organizing, too. That is, after I finish my one big writing project. :) Enjoy your creative time this summer. I hope you're able to tap into some good ideas and fun creations.