Saturday, May 18, 2013

The fRead Project hosts a Free Reads Weekend

In honor of the Graduating Classes of 2013,
today and tomorrow.
Congratulations Grads!

We're only inches away from summer.  Here's what's doing around the Writes blog and studio:

Posts for the Writes blog will continue into the summer, though in vacation style.  At some point in the near future, I'll do a post on marketing Indie books, sharing my experiences to date.  My main focus for the summer, though, will be to finish two new novels currently in revision stage.  One of these novels is titled Roll, and is due for Indie release in late Fall of this year.  The other novel will be submitted in the traditional process.  

As for the fRead Project, giveaways and philanthropy efforts are always ongoing, and I'll share the latest here.  In the fall, the fRead Project will be looking to work with book clubs who would like to receive wildflowers as a free read and then be profiled on the blog. If you belong to a book club with three to ten members aged thirteen or older (or know an interested group), please feel free to contact me anytime this summer to chat about this opportunity.

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