Friday, April 19, 2013

book sharing news

If you've been to the blog before and read about the fRead Project, you know that I support book sharing.  Whether from a friend, with a library, or a gift from the author, book sharing starts conversations. I'd like to thank all the readers who have shared wildflowers with a friend, neighbor, or family member, and today I offer thanks to two special supporters who have helped during this Earth Day celebration.

Thank you, Antigone Books in Tucson, Arizona for helping facilitate a book drop!  

Antigone Books is an IndieBound, Local First bookstore that's 100% solar-powered.  Located in Tucson's Fourth Avenue shopping district, this shop carries books, gifts, and cards, and beyond being voted Tucson's best indie bookstore by Tucson Weekly, they embrace their zany side, which prompts customers to declare them "amazing". They host many book groups, enthusiastically support their local authors, and can even help you order an eBook for your eReader. The wildflowers book drop is happening even as we speak, and I thank Antigone Books, as well as the customer who finds the book, for their interest. 

Thank you, Bonnie K. from Sacramento for passing the book to two high school sisters!

After reading the novel, Bonnie saw the opportunity to share a book she enjoyed with people who may have a similar interest in characters dealing with environmental change.  I'm grateful that she was willing to pass it along, and maybe the sisters will continue the trend.  Thanks to all the ladies for giving the book a chance.

If you are gifted with or find wildflowers, please feel free to post a comment on the blog about your experience.  Also, in addition to book sharing or donating, please remember to support your favorite and/or local authors and Independent bookstores with purchases.  A good rule of thumb is for every three books you swap or share, purchase one. 


  1. These are truly inspiring stories. I like the idea and will try it myself.

  2. Shirley, If you do a book drop (of any book), be sure to come back and let us know about it.