Thursday, March 21, 2013

celebrating earth day

The fRead Project
Earth Day
March 22 - April 22

What is The fRead Project?
The fRead (free Reads) Project is an ongoing effort to gift books to readers in organized giveaways, sporadic book drops (books left in public to be “found”), and donations to book clubs, literacy groups, librarians, and educators.

How will we celebrate?
Because wildflowers is an ecotopian adventure, it seemed fitting to celebrate Earth Day with a world-sized promotion.  So for a full month, starting on March 22, The fRead project will be giving away books, downloads, music, art, and even helpful information on the environment.  With blog posts and tweets like, Green List Wednesdays and All Things Good and Green on Tuesdays and Saturdays, I’ll share lots of interesting and happy news about the movement to support the planet.  In addition there will be random books drops made as far and wide as I can reach and special outreach to high school students, green businesses, and independent book stores.  Please feel free to pass this invitation to anyone you know who may be interested in sharing in the fun and promotion of Earth Day…and free stuff.  There will be something going on almost every day, so check the blog or my Twitter feed often.

You know what?  Let's start now!
Beginning at midnight tonight, wildflowers will be available as a free download on Kindle.  This giveaway will run until midnight tomorrow (Friday) night.  Here's the link: wildflowers on Kindle. Enjoy this 24-hour promotion and keep an eye out for more.

Happy Earth Day!

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