Saturday, March 30, 2013

all things good and green

all things good and green

Forget the DeLorean time machine that runs on Miller beer.
Forget cars that use french fry grease as fuel.
In Denver the Tuk Tuk runs on animal feces (and trash).

Offsetting about 20% of its total energy use by using 
his type of fuel, the motorized carts will also use
up 90% of the zoo's previously unused poo.  
Click here to learn more.

Denver isn't the only place getting creating with animal waste,
check out this inventive chicken farmer's use of fowl droppings.

In other (completely unrelated to poo) news, 
you can win free music this weekend.
A three song sampler from iTunes is up for grabs,
and all you need to do to enter is submit an Earth Day comment.

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